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F22 Raptor Risk Management System

We collaborated with Oracle Government consulting and CSC to develop a risk management system that has a web enabled front end to allow for the monitoring and alerting of potential risk areas for the manufacturing of F-22 Raptor. The system integrates with the manufacturing, HR, Supply chain, Inventory and various other internal and external system to allow the decision makers to manage production risks before they impact air craft delivery dates. Users can access the system via Laptops, Tablets and mobile devices with a secure and easy to use application.

Database Managed Services

Databases supporting applications at a Nuclear power plant are very critical and have to be available with 24x7 support. These Databases include Oracle 12c on Exadata systems with RAC and ASM, Dataguard and GoldenGate Replication and MS SQL Server with Always on Clustering and some MySQL databases..

IT Managed Services

Total IT Management

IT management has been