Customer Relationship Management Software

Vtiger has a modular design providing a scalable business solution that will grow with our clients. Vtiger is centered around sales and marketing goals.

Typical setup on the backend involves the standard LAMP (Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP/Python/Perl) stack however can be easily be utilized on many other platforms, including Windows.

It has an unparalleled built-in quotation engine along with informative and easy to use analytics reports. Relationships are managed through contact properties which are fed through a powerful workflow engine, minimizing manual input and management. AI integration is soon to be released to streamline the CRM processes even further.
Because it is an open source platform, there is a strong availability of integration and customization options available either through Grumman Tiger or through the extension marketplace making Vtiger a versatile and comprehensive solution to meet your business needs through cost effective means.

Our team has excelled at end to end support, taking the lead on platform hosting and administration and automating Salesforce migrations.