January 2014

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The World Bank Testimonial

Let me start by telling you how much I enjoyed working with you and your team so far. It was an exercise of exploring new horizons on my side

Mercedes Benz

We really enjoyed working with Grumman! They came in with several options (including pros and cons) and took the time to walk us through the process before starting our MS Exchange project! Grumman focused on not just getting the data migration done but taking the time to test the data in several different ways afterwards and show us how to have everyone up to speed in learning how to best use our Office 365 without interrupting our daily operations! Thank you Grumman!

Grace LLC

Alan's team provides very responsive customer service and shows great flexibility to meet our demanding requests in a timely manner. We highly recommend Grumman International to other companies looking for a customized, comprehensive, business solution -- that saves headhunting for high architect talent that we are always in need of!

Indian Rocks Consulting

Grumman took care of my integration needs right out of the box! Didn't know anything about cloud and was a little nervous about converting our business to virtual operations; so glad we did! We have seen the profit margin of savings by over 33 already!

Reliant Energy

Such a relief to have solved our data integration needs by eliminating all of the manual work we were doing, which saved us an enormous amount of time...MEGA Thanks Grumman!